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L.E.D. Lightscapes


L. Mikelle Standbridge presents,  in hand crafted and one of a kind frames, her personalized ‘documentary’ series of light-art installations, “L.E.D. Lightscapes”. The term L.E.D. refers both to the light source used to illuminate the majority of the works and to the name of the event held in Milan from which this photographic series is derived – “Light Exhibition Design”. By photographing these installations Standbridge wishes to offer a tribute to the light artists – who conceived their work to be presented in a public context  - and to the city –  who responded to contemporary needs (in terms of low-energy consumption and urban beautification) by sponsoring the event. Standbridge’s ‘collection’ of evanescent winter night scenes,  has grown to include Turin’s light-artist event “Luci d’Artista”.

15Installation view L. Mikelle Standbridge

13Installation view L. Mikelle Standbridge811Installation view L. Mikelle StandbridgeInstallation view L. Mikelle Standbridge1Installation view L. Mikelle Standbridge

Installation vews


“Epoch Cycles”; Light project by Martino Gamper, Parrocchia Madonna degli Angeli, Turin 2013


“Aqueous Ellipses”; light project by Rebecca Horn, Convento di Santa Maria al Monte Turin 2013

5_dig-l28_140_v2_aqueous-ellipses-convento-di-santa-maria-al-monte-torino_photo-by-l“Aqueous Ellipses”, light project by Rebecca Horn, Convento di Santa Maria al Monte, Torino 2013


Piazza 5 Giornate Milan, light project by the City of Milan 2009


“Cyan Crystal Cascade”, light project by Marco Gerenti, Piazza Fontana, Milan 2011


“Fountain of Raining Light”; light project by Marco Gerenti, Piazza Fontana, Milan 2011


“Stellar Circuit”; light project by Mario Airò, Piazza Carignano, Turin 2013


“Optical Infrastructure”; light project by Carlo Bernardini (“The Light that Generates Space”) Palazzo Litta, Milan 2010